“La Femme” – Art Print Giveaway by Artist Ray Ferrer…

World renowned Spray Paint Artist, Ray Ferrer, will be giving away a signed, limited edition print of one of his newest pieces,… “La Femme”

EVERYONE ANYWHERE in the World is eligible to win!
To enter,.. just “like” our Facebook page (link is below).  A random person will be chosen.


"La Femme" By Ray Ferrer

“La Femme”
By Ray Ferrer

Happy Earth Day!!

Happy Earth Day!!!

Did you know that Plutonium™ Paint reduces the carbon footprint of aerosol spray by 50%, by using a 70% pigment load and 30% propellant, making it more eco-friendly than leading brands? No CFCs.

Our cans are environmentally friendly. Made from tin-free steel and coated on both sides with PET (a polyester polymer), we’ve eliminated the need for solvent-based interior lining, thereby significantly reducing any carbon emissions. Our finished cans have no welded side seams; this does away with with the need for copper or water during manufacturing.

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