Why You Should Always Buy Garage Sale Furniture

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How To Update Garage Sale Furniture

You’ve probably seen amazing transformations of the garage sale furniture on Pinterest or even your friends’ Facebook pages. With little experience and depleted funds it’s easy to think that restoring or even redoing furniture it completely out of your skill set. However, by following the steps I lay out in this post you’ll easily be able to see the potential and achieve it in any outdated wood furniture.

Why you should redo old, outdated furniture as opposed to buying new: It’s no surprise that older furniture it usually better quality. In the past, furniture was made to last. Nowadays, furniture is usually imported and cheaply made. So when you by that old piece of furniture from the garage sale  there is a good chance that it will last a lot longer than that cheap chair from Ikea. Additionally, buying used furniture is much more affordable than buying new. Better quality and cheaper?…

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How To Make A Halloween Mask by Ryan Humphrey




How To Make A Halloween Mask by Ryan Humphrey

“I started with an old open face motorcycle helmet and traced out the profile of the head on cardboard with a marker. I used that cardboard template to trace and then cut out two of those out of really thin aluminum. I then loosely duct taped them into position and then measured/drew/eyeballed what shape the top/center should be. I left a little extra on the edges for bending and fastening the parts together with pop rivets. I shaped everything gently by hand, when there was an area with too much pressure to bend. I simply cut it and refastened it when I got the shape I desired. A project like this could easily be done with cardboard or poster board and glue and masking tape, then primed and painted. Plutonium™ Paint colors used, Twig, Cardboard, Stealth and Earth Translucent. Size: 30″x9″x11″

Happy Halloween!

Spray Painting Styrofoam Halloween Skull

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to carve and paint your own Halloween skulls by Ryan Humphrey.

“I used Styrofoam for this project and shaped it with a hot knife. (there are videos on youtube) I then primed it twice with two coats of water clean-up Zinsser 1.2.3. for all surfaces. This is key! Plutonium™ dries very quickly, but you will still need that extra barrier to keep the Styrofoam from melting. Plutonium™ is the only spray paint that I have been able to use this technique with. Most other aerosol paints take a long time to dry and they end up eating through the primer and melting the Styrofoam. You can also use paper mache or other sculptural techniques.

If the I want the skull to be primarily white, I don’t even bother laying a base coat down, I use the primer white color as a base and go directly to shading. Detroit Sky is a great color for this for several reasons. It is a translucent color so you can take your time shading and build up color slowly without totally covering up the base color. It is also a very warm grey, which is nice because it doesn’t look like a cold battleship grey, it is a more of a “just crawled out of the ground” color.

I have found the best way to paint these breaks every rule of spray painting. I often find myself holding the can upside down so that I can shade the undersides of ridges, like the undersides of the cheekbones or the eye sockets. It is also beneficial to hold the can closely to the surface but turn the nozzle so that it flows along the surface of the skull so that you can catch all the ridges and detail from one side. (imagine the skull is the earth and you orbiting it with the spray can spraying in front of you) The red skull with the black highlights are a good example of this technique.

It is also a good idea to start with the eye sockets and mouth first because there is almost always some overspray from painting these areas, which can be covered up later on. If you make a mistake, wait a few minutes and just add more paint. I was able to do six skulls from beginning to end in one day. I think that if I had made a dozen, I also would have been able to complete them as well because Plutonium™ is so fast drying!” -Ryan Humphrey







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Easy Halloween Decorations: Witch Hat and “Boo” Door Hanger

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Great DIY ideas for Halloween using Plutonium Paint!

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There are so many adorable Halloween decorations out there! The problem? For the most part, they are super expensive. Try making this witch hat and boo door hanger to add a touch of Halloween to your home, for an inexpensive price.

easy halloween witch hat

Supplies needed for the witch hat:

-Papper mache wich hat ($2.50 at local craft store)

-Ribbon of your choice

-Hot glue gun and glue

-Black spray paint


easy halloween witch hat

1. Completely spray paint the paper mache witch hat in the color black. Take extra care to ensure that you cover the outside, inside, and brim of the hat. I used my favorite spray paint, Plutonium Paint, in the color “Deep Space.” Because it contains 70% pigment, it only used one coat.

2. Wait until the paint dries between applications. It took about 5 minutes for me.

3. Glue the ribbon around the hat with a hot glue gun. For…

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