Formal Dedication – What’s Your Sign? Mural Project – Sat Oct 10, 2015

Join us tomorrow, Saturday October 10, 2015 in Brooklyn, NY with Love Heals NYC, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education and What’s Your Sign? Mural Project, a New York-based Street Art Project whose formal dedication will raise public awareness about the HIV/AIDS crisis among black and Latino youth in New York City. The zodiac-themed art exhibit created with Plutonium™ Paint will be displayed on an exhibit wall located in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood.
Location: 314 St. Johns Place & Underhill Ave. Brooklyn, New York
Time: 10:00am- 5:00pm
The public exhibition will feature the work of 16 renowned artists who will donate their talent in support of efforts to halt the spread of HIV among New York City’s Black and Latino youth. Following public exhibition, proceeds from the sales of the 12 individual art panels will benefit Love Heals, a not-for-profit organization working to empower youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS through prevention education and leadership development training. To make a donation:
Curated by Jeff Beler and Frankie Velez
Zimad @Zimad_Art
Col Wallnuts @Col_Wallnuts
Raquel Echanique @Raquel.Echanic
Fernando (SKI-URNEWYORK) @Ski_UR_Newyork @URNewyork
Mike “ZESAE” Baca @2esae @URNewyork
Jeff Hernandez @jartista
Justin Winslow @winslowandgus
Carmelo Ferro @carmeloferro
Fumero @fumeroism
Jill Folino @artchic27
Albertus Joseph @albertusjoseph
Sienide @Sienide
Robert Plater @tmoplater
Badder Israel @badderisrael
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Photo by James Weber

Miss Zukie Art – What’s Your Sign? Mural Project – Sat Oct 10th

Miss Zukie ART representing Team Gemini for Whats Your Sign? Mural Project with Love Heals NYC, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education.
This Saturday, Oct 10, 2015 meet Miss Zukie and some of NYC’s most amazing street artists who have donated their talents and time creating works of art with Plutonium™ Paint to benefit HIV/AIDS Awareness.
Location: 10am – 5pm / 314 St Johns Place & Underhill Ave. Brooklyn, New York

Photography by James Weber

Photography by James Weber

Photography by James Weber

Photos: James Weber Studio, Inc. / @james_weber

Tonight 7pm est. Love Heals Live on NBC New York

Tonight, October 1 at 7:00 p.m. est. Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education, Executive Director Deborah A. Levine, LCSW and art curators Jeff Beler and Frankie Velez will be interviewed live on-air on WNBC 4 New York’s COZI-TV. The event is not cancelled just post-poned due to weather conditions. Catch the interview on the following channels:

Cablevision 109 and 118
Time Warner Cable 1245
Comcast 248 and 158
Verizon Fios 460
RCN 28

The interview will also stream live online at NBCNEWYORK.COM.
Tune in tonight if you can! ‪#‎NEWS4AT7‬


Pinktober – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Don’t Forget! 🎀 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Ribbon Sculpture designed for and donated to the American Cancer Society Rally in Clovis, New Mexico. Created by R&S Hydraulics with a custom plasma steel design painted with Plutonium™ Paint color: Vegas. ‪#‎BreastCancerAwarenessMonth‬ ‪#‎PinkRibbon‬ ‪#‎Pinktober‬



Plutonium_Vegas copy

Media Alert: What’s Your Sign? Mural Project – Brooklyn, NY

We regret to inform you that due to predicted inclement weather, including possible impact by Hurricane Joaquin sometime this weekend, the Saturday, October 3 official unveiling and dedication of the What’s Your Sign? Mural Project at the corner of St. Johns Place and Underhill Avenue, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn has been cancelled.

The project continues and will be installed at the site when the weather improves later next week.  On a date in mid-November, still to be determined, the individual art panels from the zodiac-themed exhibit will be displayed and auctioned at an art gallery. At that time, Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education (, in partnership with the New York City Health Department, will host a short dedication and recognition ceremony.  Proceeds from the individual sales will benefit the work of Love Heals.

The mural, featuring the talent of 16 renowned street artists, will be dedicated to the life and work of the late AIDS Activist Alison Gertz, whose AIDS-related death in 1992 at the age of 26 inspired the organization’s founding.  The street art exhibit and event will also raise public awareness about disproportionately high rates of new HIV infections and new AIDS diagnoses among New York City’s Black and Latino youth.

Despite remarkable progress in HIV prevention and care, New York City’s Black and Latino populations continue to bear a disproportionate burden of the city’s HIV/AIDS epidemic. Together, Blacks and Latinos account for approximately 53% of the city’s total population; however, they account for 76% of new HIV diagnoses, 83% of new AIDS diagnoses, 77% of persons living with HIV/AIDS, and 83% of HIV-related deaths, as of December 31, 2013, according to the New York City Health Department.  The New York State Department of Health released data indicating that in 2013, Blacks and Latinos comprised 85% of new HIV diagnoses among 12 – 24 year olds and 91% of new AIDS diagnoses in New York City, data which highlight the extent of the devastating HIV/AIDS crisis affecting communities of color.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more updates.

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Usage, Application & FAQs

Q. What makes Plutonium™ Paint different than other leading aerosol paints?
A. Plutonium™ Paint is a modified automotive acrylic lacquer, not water or oil based.

Q. How is Plutonium™ Paint eco-friendly?
A. With a 70% pigment load and 30% propellant as well as a High Volume Low Pressure delivery system, more paint is hitting the target surface reducing the amount of overspray. Also, our cans are made from tin-free steel, coated on both sides with PET (a polyester polymer). The polymer coating eliminates the need for solvent-based interior lining, thereby significantly reducing any carbon emissions. The finished cans have no welded side seems; this does away with the need for copper and water during manufacturing.

Q. How many square feet does one Can of Plutonium™ Paint cover?
A. One can of Plutonium™ Paint will comfortably cover 20+ sq. feet, depending on the color.

Q. Do you have a Clear Coat?
A. Yes. We currently offer a gloss clear coat. Please ask your local Plutonium™ Paint retailer to order some if it is not currently in stock. *Note: Our clear coat does not have a mixing ball, however you still need to shake well before use.

Q. What are Plutonium™ Translucent colors?
A. They are specialty paints that allow the base color to show through the translucent color. They are mostly used for shading or blending colors.

Q. Can I use Plutonium™ Paint on my car or motorcycle?
A. Yes. You can use Plutonium™ on most metal surfaces. Please note: Plutonium™ colors are custom and will not match existing automotive colors. If there is a clear coat on the vehicle, we recommend that it be sanded off and a primer applied. Most paints, including Plutonium™ will not adhere well to a clear coat. Once you have sprayed your color coat, an automotive grade clear coat should be applied to provide a durable finish.

Q. What surfaces do I need to use a primer?
A. We suggest all surfaces be well cleaned and loose paint or material removed. Most raw wood surfaces should be primed for a smooth finish coat. Laminate counter tops and any slick, shiny or smooth surfaces would be best prepared by using a fine wet/dry sandpaper or steel wool.

Q. Can I use ANY brand cap on Plutonium™ cans?
A. We only guarantee the results stated when using Plutonium™ spray caps (Pro- Caps). Other brands should work as long as they are male.

Q. How high of a temperature will Plutonium™ perform in and how cold of temperature?
A. Best results are 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with low or no humidity. High Humidity speeds the drying of droplets of paint being sprayed. If you are spraying in higher humidity it is best to adjust spray distance to 3″-4″ from target surface.

Q. Will Plutonium™ be adding more colors to the line?
A. Yes. We will be adding Deep Space Gloss (black) and Polar Gloss (white) in 2016.

Q. How long do I need to shake the can for before use?
A. Because Plutonium™ has such a high pigment load, shake the can until the mixing ball rolls freely and then shake again for another minute to obtain a smooth spray finish. *Note: Our clear coat does not have a mixing ball, however you still need to shake well before use.

Q. Can I spray Plutonium™ Paint together with other brands on the same project?
A. Yes. Plutonium™ Paint will not crystallize when multiple brands are used together.

Q. What is the best distance to spray target surface?
A. For best results, spray distance should be between 5”- 6”. In higher humidity it is best to adjust spray distance to 3″-4″.

Q. Where is Plutonium™ Paint manufactured?
A. Made in the USA. Born and raised in Detroit. (Manufactured in Menomonee Falls, WI)

Additional questions please contact us:

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What’s your sign? Mural Project / Sun Oct 4th, 2015 – Brooklyn, NY

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Love Heals / The Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education

What’s your sign? Mural Project 

Saturday Oct 3, 2015 9am-5pm / Rain Date: Sun Oct 4, 2015

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn (Corner of St. Johns PL & Underhill Ave.)

Beautifying Prospect Heights and building HIV/AIDS awareness. Featuring NYC street artists interpreting the Zodiac signs.

To make a donation:

Photographer: James Weber – @James_Weber

Curators: Frankie Velez – @artface7 & Jeff Beler – @jeffbeler

Graphic Design: Henry Alvarez – @mralvarez13

Paint Sponsor: Plutonium™ Paint – @plutoniumpaint


Zimad – @Zimad_Art

Col Wallnuts – @Col_Wallnuts

Raquel Echanique – @Raquel.Echanic

Fernando (SKI-URNEWYORK) – @Ski_UR_Newyork / @URNewyork

Mike “ZESAE” Baca – @2esae / @URNewyork

Jeff Hernandez – @jartista

Justin Winslow – @winslowandgus

Carmelo Ferro – @carmeloferro

Fumero – @fumeroism

Jill Folino – @artchic27

Albertus Joseph – @albertusjoseph

Sienide – @Sienide

Robert Plater – @tmoplater

Badder Israel – @badderisrael

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