Jason Adams Solo Show // San Jose, CA


If you’re in the San Jose area make sure to check out Jason Adams Solo Show ‘Blood Sweat Teal’ at Seeing Things Gallery (30 North 3rd St. San Jose, CA). Open to the public through April 30th, 2015.

Jason’s full show is now up online for your viewing & purchasing pleasure :: www.SeeingThingsGallery.com


Plutonium™ Paint color Zen…on a Bike!


Specialized Demo 8 ii 2011 Bike Frame painted with Plutonium™ Paint color Zen. (*This is a $6k+ frame, most of the parts are carbon & it is clear coated for the glossy effect) —> By Broadway Lumber (New York City).

Shop our full line of colors & pro-caps at their 965 Broadway location. http://broadwaylumber.com/



Riverside Art Make x Plutonium Paint


“The only Spray Paint used by @blueblack_red (on Instagram) and the only Spray Paint that was in use during Saturday’s (April 4th 2015) Riverside Art Make ‘An Ideal Flag': (sub) urban mosaic. Thanks Plutonium Paint for making such a solid product.” – Shane A. AKA #BlueBlackRed

Check out the final piece and more here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/plutoniumpaint/sets/72157651387783620

Husband and Wife Collaboration x Plutonium Paint


Painting sold // commissioned, by Rhian and Ray Ferrer. Rhian did the background using vintage & abandoned mental health documents with acrylic. Ray Ferrer did the portraits using hand-cut stencils and Plutonium Paint.

Find Rhian Ferrer on Instagram // @artgland

Find Ray Ferrer on Instagram // @artist_rayferrer

Our paint —–> www.plutoniumpaint.com

Riverside Art Museum || Riverside Art Make || Plutonium™ Paint


Riverside Art Museum || Riverside Art Make || Plutonium™ Paint

This Saturday, April 4, 2015, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Orange Terrace Park, 20010 Orange Terrace Parkway, 92508

An Ideal Flag: (sub)urban mosaic with Shane A. (blueblackred)

Join artist Shane A. (blueblackred) and learn how to work with Plutonium™ Spray Paint, markers, stencils, and text to create a graffiti, street-art inspired individual piece that will comprise a kind of community flag. On each painted board participants will explore what neighborhood means to them. This community-created art piece will be designed by participants and will be on view during the summer exhibition for Riverside Art Make at the Riverside Art Museum.

“Within a neighborhood are people with various backgrounds, beliefs, and skills; understanding — both philosophically and visually — how the various components come together peacefully leads to a stronger community. Providing simple tools to create a cohesive work, made up of various individual works which must then be organized into one cohesive whole, this project asks us to contemplate how we work together…to make a beautiful whole.”

— Shane A. (blueblackred)

Join us here :: https://www.facebook.com/events/1567917893486788/