Harlem Lobby Street Art Installation x Plutonium™ Paint

We completely covered a lobby with a custom graffiti/street art installation in Harlem, NY at a building called “The Art House.” This is a modern residential building undergoing a renovation that wanted to create some cutting edge artwork in their lobby. For this installation, we actually painted the entire ceiling in a Michelangelo/Sistine Chapel style! It was quite the interesting installation that we were able to achieve using a brand of paint called Plutonium™ Paint which sprays 360 degrees. The influence for this piece was a local iconic “Crack Is Wack” handball court piece by Keith Haring. Check out some photos of the installation below:



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Mr. and Mrs. Decor // Plutonium™ Paint

Mr and Mrs Decor

“Can’t wait to try this product out! Thanks to Plutonium Paint for this great selection of colors and assortment of nozzles.” – www.facebook.com/mrandmrsdecor

Plutonium™ Paint offers a 6-pack of assorted pro-caps for your specific painting needs. Nozzles range from 1/3″ – 8″ wide. Available in 40 colors, sprays upside down, fast dry, eco-friendly with 2x coverage and vanilla scented too!!

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Husband and Wife Collaboration x Plutonium Paint


Painting sold // commissioned, by Rhian and Ray Ferrer. Rhian did the background using vintage & abandoned mental health documents with acrylic. Ray Ferrer did the portraits using hand-cut stencils and Plutonium Paint.

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