Redposie a St Charles, Missouri vintage store becomes a Plutonium Paint Retailer



Redposie a St Charles, Missouri vintage store becomes a Plutonium Paint Retailer!

Jan. 14, 2015ST. CHARLES, Mo.Redposie today announced becoming a Plutonium Retailer for the Plutonium Aerosol Paints. Plutonium paint products are consumer friendly, designed for easy use with more pigment and depth of color than any other aerosol paint on the market.

Plutonium Paint is an exterior/interior aerosol paint that is unique modified automotive acrylic laquer which provides premium coating that resists dripping, chipping, cracking and peeling.. As a true HVLP (high volume low pressure) color delivery system Plutonium Paint has been developed to dry faster, cover better and last longer than any other aerosol paint. Plutonium Paint reduces the carbon footprint of aerosol spray by 50%  by using a 70% pigment load and 30% propellant, making it more eco-friendly than leading brands.

About Redposie:
Founded in 2012, Redposie provides furniture paints, paint accessories for vintage furniture, as well as custom painted vintage furniture. chippy, old frames, whitewashed furniture, sparkly chandeliers, and unique gifts. Redposie is a wonderful alternative to the traditional used furniture and decorative household items. We specialize in vintage and antique distressed furniture in the rustic, shabby chic, romantic cottage style.

About The Malach Group, LLC:
Malach Group, LLC is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of a specialized aerosol artist paint. The company markets the paint under the brand name of Plutonium Paint. In addition to the artist market the paint is used in various hobby, craft, DIYers, industrial painting, and decorating applications.



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Saint Charles, MO 63301


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rosie hot sauce


‘Hot Sauce’ (red) by Plutonium Paint