Plutonium™ Paint & Plexiglass by Daryl Amandes


Plutonium™ Paint & Plexiglass by Daryl Amandes Art

“Daryl Amandes creates original art using a unique process he developed and refined while working as a glazier and shop manager at a Chicago-area glass and mirror business. His one-of-a-kind pieces are created by methodically applying multiple layers of spray paint, one color on top of another, as custom designs are stenciled, etched, and cut into a piece of plexiglass. Most of the work is done in layers on the back of the glass, leaving the vibrant colors to display through the front of the glass. However, an additional limited amount of layered design is often times applied to the front of the glass as well. Amazingly, because each piece of glass begins totally covered (i.e., in an entirely uncut stencil), and because each layer is created by applying one color of spray paint over any portion of the custom-cut stencil which is removed; not even the artist is able to fully view and assess the progression of a piece as it’s created. The end result is the most unique, indescribeable artistic flair, completely original in style and technique. One can only wonder how such lucid depth and mesmerizing visual qualities are captured within an 1/8-inch thick piece of glass.”

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