Sarasota Paint is proud to carry Plutonium™ Paint


Plutonium Paint has a rich ancestry. This paint was originally created for the automotive industry and users find the modified acrylic automotive paint is a joy to use. Plutonium is a premium paint that provides protection from chipping, dripping, peeling and cracking. It is a fast drying paint (3 – 5 minutes) and thanks to its heavy pigment load, gives up to 21/2 times more coverage than other leading spray paint brands.

The paint is mildew, mold and fade resistant and has UV protection in its formula. Even the can is unique to Plutonium brand paint; it has an ergonomic design and has no seams. It does have a dual valve system so the can has the ability to spray without clogging even when used upside down. Plutonium Paint also has an interchangeable actuator feature that provides precision targeted spray patterns from 1/16 inch to over 10 inches wide.

This paint is perfect for covering

  • Metal;
  • Wicker;
  • Wood;
  • Masonry;
  • Some rubber; and
  • Plastic surfaces

Plutonium Paint is an environmentally friendly product and reduces the carbon footprint of other spray paint by as much as 50 percent. This cut results from the heavy pigment load in each can of paint, and only 30 percent propellant. There are no CFCs used in the propellant. Cans use tin-free steel and have a coating inside and out with PET, which is a polyester polymer. Since Plutonium doesn’t use a solvent-based interior lining so there are less carbon emissions during can manufacturing. Since the cans are weld-free, there is no copper or water used in the making of the can.

Plutonium Paint comes in 40 lively colors, and most of the work it does do not need a primer coat due to the heavy concentration of pigments used in the manufacturing process.

When dry, painted surfaces have a smooth yet rugged matte finish.

Sarasota Paint is proud to carry Plutonium Paint and our staff are ready to answer any and all of your Plutonium Paint questions.

Check out their site HERE

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