Easy Halloween Decorations: Witch Hat and “Boo” Door Hanger

Great DIY ideas for Halloween using Plutonium Paint!

DIY Made Simple

There are so many adorable Halloween decorations out there! The problem? For the most part, they are super expensive. Try making this witch hat and boo door hanger to add a touch of Halloween to your home, for an inexpensive price.

easy halloween witch hat

Supplies needed for the witch hat:

-Papper mache wich hat ($2.50 at local craft store)

-Ribbon of your choice

-Hot glue gun and glue

-Black spray paint


easy halloween witch hat

1. Completely spray paint the paper mache witch hat in the color black. Take extra care to ensure that you cover the outside, inside, and brim of the hat. I used my favorite spray paint, Plutonium Paint, in the color “Deep Space.” Because it contains 70% pigment, it only used one coat.

2. Wait until the paint dries between applications. It took about 5 minutes for me.

3. Glue the ribbon around the hat with a hot glue gun. For…

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